Kim expressed readiness at Trump summit to meet with Abe: Japanese official


In the poll, Trump received a 51 percent approval rating for his handling of North Korea and also led the list of leaders who should take the most credit for the summit and the joint pledge.

Sputnik: What do you make of the reaction by North Korea's neighbours to the summit with Shinzo Abe saying no concrete steps have been taken? -South Korean exercises appeared off-limits under the new guidance.

Seeking to quell concerns that North Korea and the USA interpreted the talks differently, Pompeo said, "I am confident that [North Koreans] understand what we're prepared to do". -South Korea military exercises could be put back on if talks with Pyongyang do not progress. Meeting briefly with Pompeo on Thursday morning, Moon said he was eager to hear how the United States and North Korea could "fully and expeditiously implement this great agreement".

Pompeo was scheduled to travel next to Beijing before returning to Washington.

The secretary of state dismissed a report by North Korean state media that Mr Trump and Mr Kim had agreed to a "step-by-step" process of nuclear dismantling.

After arriving back at the White House, Trump lashed out at some of the television coverage of his agreement with Kim. One wonders if President Trump, George W. Bush redux, peered into the Korean leader's soul and saw something warm and fuzzy.

'We stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune, ' he told the network. On a personal level Kim has gained the most, dramatically stepping onto the worldwide stage, meeting the US president as an equal, holding two summits each with China's and South Korea's leaders, and invited to visit Russian Federation.

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Independent experts say the North could have enough fissile material for between about a dozen and 60 nuclear bombs.

The exact terms of that agreement remain unclear.

Pompeo, referring to his extensive pre-summit communications with North Korea and the summit itself, said he was not going to talk about "discussions between the two parties". The presidential center of the former Republican president George W Bush has been tweeting about North Korea's abuses, giving a clear indication of how he views the matter. "No longer - sleep well tonight!"

"There are always concerns about President Trump and he's very erratic", Wit said.

There were worries, especially in Tokyo and Seoul, which have huge USA military presences, about Trump agreeing to halt US military exercises with South Korea, which the North has long claimed were invasion preparations.

The announcement appeared to take both the South Koreans - and even top officials in the Pentagon - by surprise, especially since Trump embraced Pyongyang's rhetoric in calling the drills "provocative".

In his post-summit press conference, Trump made the surprise announcement that the U.S. would halt joint military exercises with its security ally Seoul - something long sought by Pyongyang, which claims the drills are a rehearsal for invasion.

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Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, who served as a top US negotiator with Pyongyang before the last attempt at diplomacy broke down in 2009, was more optimistic.

"He was unambiguous about that", Pompeo said.

The Singapore agreement does not detail plans for North Korea to demolish a missile engine testing site, a concession Trump said he'd won, or Trump's promise to end military exercises in the South while negotiations between the US and the North continue.

"It has been an Un-precidented 24 hours for the United States and North Korea as our president, Donald Trump, met with his favorite Little Rocket Man", Kimmel started out.

In Japan, the prospect of canceled U.S.

On Wednesday, Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera pointedly said the drills played a "vital role in East Asia's security". He said he planned to continue sharing the view with Washington and Seoul. The next scheduled major exercise, involving tens of thousands of troops, normally would be held in August.

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