MPs reject EEA membership after Brexit in key vote — EU Withdrawal Bill


The group claimed it had been in contact with Dr Lee before his resignation. 'The Government's amendment today provides for a meaningful vote, ' they said.

"We have not, and will not, agree to the House of Commons binding the government's hands in the negotiations", a spokesperson said.

'Certainly it now seem inevitable that the people economy and culture of my own constituency will be affected negatively.

In my view, this raises the important principle of legitimacy.

Dr Lee also called for another national ballot on Brexit.

The government didn't lose a single vote yesterday out of 14.

MPs voted against the move by 327 votes to 126.

"We will wait and see the details of this concession and will hold ministers to account to ensure it lives up to the promises they have made to parliament". "It was the prime minister who I sat in front of this afternoon and who gave us those assurances".

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Earlier during prime minister's questions, Mr Corbyn taunted Mrs May by asking if she agreed with comments by her foreign secretary Boris Johnson that Donald Trump would do a better job at Brexit negotiations.

New facts have come to light about the costs and complexity of Brexit - such as the £40billion divorce bill - that no one knew at the time of the referendum.

Asked about what had been promised, Mr Buckland, the solicitor general, said the government remained "open-minded" but he would not "blithely" commit to any changes until he had had those conversations.

This is significant because a majority in parliament wishes to see a softer Brexit deal that would retain closer customs ties with the European Union after Britain leaves.

"Those who backed the prime minister on Tuesday night may well now feel very badly let down and they may choose not to go along with this really rather ridiculous amendment that's been tabled by the government", pro-EU lawmaker Anna Soubry told the BBC.

David Davis this morning stepped up warnings that Britain's negotiating leverage would be seriously damaged if key amendments were not overturned. Is May now a hostage to Tory backbenchers?

Pledging to support Mr Corbyn from the backbenches, she said on Twitter she could not vote for anything "that does not deliver the exit from the European Union that my constituents voted for".

British Prime Minister Theresa May faces another day of Brexit compromise at Westminster.

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The fudge was put together by another former minister, Oliver Letwin. There are two reasons for that: the determination to keep pressure on the decide what it wants; and the long list of other problems that European Union leaders know they might have to deal with next year, including the ongoing fight with President Donald Trump over trade and the rise in populism in the region.

Anti-Brexit Labour MP Chuka Umunna described the "climb-down on giving Parliament a meaningful vote" as "significant".

Tory whips are particularly anxious about the so-called "meaningful vote" amendment, with rumours that concessions last week could be pushed further.

The votes were won quite comfortably in the end - or as comfortable as you can be with only 316 MPs, ten short of a majority. The Lords have proposed amendments to the Bill and now it's up to the Commons to decide which, if any, changes they'll accept.

"If she has given too much away I think there will be real anger towards her".

"There is a majority in both chambers for a final vote that has meaning". I've made that quite clear'.

"I am confident I can get a deal that allows us to strike our own trade deals while having a border with the European Union which is as frictionless as possible", she said. "For example, it is possible to extend Article 50, to allow more time for negotiations to take place".

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