Raccoon scales skyscraper in Minnesota


At a little before 3 a.m. local time, the animal made it to the roof of the building after it took a hours-long break on a 17th floor window sill, according to live feed posted by local media.

Earlier, St. Paul Animal Control had dispatched officials to the roof to set live traps.

The headquarters for Minnesota Public Radio is just across the street, and workers there hashtagged the creature #MPRraccoon, which became Twitter's No. 1 hashtag on Tuesday.

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The furry critter's ascent up the UBS Tower, as it clung only to the building's rough exterior more than 20 stories above the ground, started to stress people out on Twitter.

He was stranded on the ledge of the Town Square office building for two days without food or water before he began his King Kong-style skyscraper scale, with building management helping him out of his initial predicament. The company would need permission to release it on public property, she said, but could also set it free on private property north of the Twin Cities. "I don't think the raccoon realized when it started climbing what it was in for".

The raccoon who caught the attention of thousands around the world as he climbed a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota, is now safe. Here's a picture from an office worker in the 13th floor, showing the little guy still steadily climbing.

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On Tuesday, building maintenance workers were able to get the little guy to move, but he unfortunately took a more risky route, climbing UBS Tower next door.

Later Wednesday morning, MPR reporter Tim Nelson confirmed the traps succeeded in capturing the raccoon. At one point there were more than 4500 people watching the raccoon climb to the top.

Raccoons are common in the U.S., but are usually found in alleys or riffling through rubbish bins - leading to the common animal nickname "trash panda". I never knew raccoon could scale a building!'

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The climb seemed gravity-defying to those with an up-close view, earning it the nickname "spider-raccoon".