Health Officials Reveal That A Boy Has Been Diagnosed With The Plague


Epidemiologists say this case serves as a reminder that plague is risky to people and pets, but the disease should not enourage recreationists from enjoying the Idaho outdoors.

A child living in Elmore County has been diagnosed with plague and is now undergoing treatment. However, the officials don't yet know if the kid contracted the disease in Idaho or in or where the young fellow went recently on a trip. Humans get the plague through direct contact with infected animals or fleas.

A child in Elmore County is recovering from a plague infection, state health officials announced on Tuesday. Eight cases of plague have occurred in OR since 1990 and two in Idaho.

The bubonic or "black" plague decimated Europe in the Middle Ages, but can now be treated with relative ease with appropriate medical intervention.

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Now, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "modern antibiotics are effective in treating plague".

The plague was brought to the United States around 1900 by rat-infested steamships that had sailed from areas with high infection rates. Since those discoveries, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, public health districts and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare have been working to raise awareness of plague in the area each year.

"Plague has historically been found in wildlife in both states", a news release from the Central District Health Department said. "Wear insect repellant, long trousers and socks when visiting plague-affected areas". Patients typically develop fever, headache, chills, weakness and painful swelling in the lymph nodes. While the CDC reports that pneumonic plague hasn't been documented in the USA since 1924, it can still be found in developing countries.

The CDC lists out further steps you can take if you're anxious about exposure, like wearing gloves when dealing with animals you think may be infected with the plague and reducing habitats suitable for rodents around your home and work. The fleas are always looking for hosts, which is how the plague spreads.

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Talk to your veterinarian about flea control for your pets before venturing out to ground squirrel areas, and follow the directions on the label. If you or your pet becomes ill-especially with sudden and severe fever-seek medical attention immediately. Bubonic plague results in painfully swollen lymph nodes, while septicemic plague happens when the infection gets in the blood and causes skin and tissue to turn black and die.

Put hay, wood and compost piles as far as possible from your home.

Don't leave pet food and water where rodents or other wild animals can access them.

Rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, bloody or watery mucous.

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