Someone recreated Mario Kart in Fortnite Playground


The limited time mode is essentially a practice arena that allows players to practice shooting and building to their heart's desire.

Thankfully, we won't be waiting too long to be playing Fortnite Mobile on our Android devices, at least according to the official word over at Epic Games.

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The popular new mode crashed just a few hours after its release on Wednesday. Among many other Minecraft-esque buildings and such some groups of players managed to insert new genres into Fortnite, like this Mario Kart rebuild shared by JoshB_C. Epic Games attempted to bring the mode back online, but "matchmaking" issues appeared to be preventing the developer and publisher from releasing it once again. "We've since separated the Playground matchmaker from the one that affects the default modes and made large improvements to assist with the number of players".

But with friendly-fire rules meaning players respawn after they die, there's lots of time to explore. You'll find it in chests, Vending Machines or on the floor.

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The team also plans on "releasing an in-depth and detailed postmortem in the near future to go over the obstacles that we encountered during the process of trying to enable this Limited Time Mode". It's flawless for familiarizing yourself with the controls and mechanics on the game, which many felt was too demanding of new players, especially if they were thrown into matches against the more experienced.

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