The Health Insurers Squawk


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The Hubs for Medicare & Medicaid Services alleged in an announcement made over the weekend that it was stopping the resolution after a state district law court in New Mexico concluded in February that the expenses incurred based on faulty regulations.

One of the great ironies of the Affordable Care Act is that progressives wanted to stick it to the insurers and instead have enriched them with new business.

This time, the agency which conducts the medical insurance markets is slashing funds for organizations which assist individuals to search for the policy, forcing the classes to make do with roughly one-fourth of the national funding they obtained to this year's open enrollment.

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CMS said in a statement that the funds were being cut because people are more familiar with the exchange program, and that the programs enrolled less than 1% of participants previous year. More will lose their insurance this year with this latest attack on the ACA.

"Applicants will also be encouraged to demonstrate how they provide information to people who may be unaware of the range of available coverage options in addition to qualified health plans (QHPs), such as association health plans, short-term, limited-duration insurance, and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)", CMS said. "This decision reflects CMS' commitment to put federal dollars for the Federally-facilitated Exchanges to their most cost effective use in order to better support consumers through the enrollment process", CMS Administrator Seema Verma said.

But multiple insurers have issued statements in recent days saying the decision will likely force some companies to raise rates. This is the second round of cuts, after CMS reduced funding for navigators by 41 percent, from $62.5 million, last August, and also cut the budget for Obamacare outreach and advertising by 90 percent.

CMS is freezing $10.4 billion in Affordable Care Act risk-adjusted payments, created to stabilize the insurance market by redistributing money to insurers with higher-cost members.

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America's Health Insurance Plans, another large industry group, declined to comment.

But in January, in a separate case, a federal district judge in MA upheld the government formula used to calculate the payments. The other two methods were temporary, but risk adjustment is permanent. With suspension of the risk adjustment payments, insurers must now contend with another disruption to the market by the time they finalize rates early this fall. The Republican Congress failed to repeal it, so the Trump administration has redoubled its efforts to gut it.

But Senator Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, said encouraging navigators to promote plans that don't comply with the ACA is "federally funded fraud: paying groups to sell unsuspecting Americans on junk plans that allow insurance companies to deny care on a whim and charge whatever they want is nothing but a scam".

"I fear this latest decision, if it stands, will lead to fewer choices for consumers and higher premiums they would pay for health plans in 2019".

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