Bethesda Blows Off Steam With 'Fallout 76'


Just today, Bethesda updated the FAQ section of its Fallout 76 beta site, which covers everything about the upcoming multiplayer test.

Bethesda have revealed a few more details about the Fallout beta (or they call it).

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Bethesda hasn't explained why it's chose to cut Steam out of the equation this time around, but it could have something to do with wanting to avoid losing any revenue to the platform. This move could be one to try and drum up extra support for the service, much like EA does with its own game releases on Origin.

Those still looking to secure their spot in the beta can pre-order Fallout 76 now at Mighty Ape.

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The game's official website, and the beta FAQ now reflect this fact more clearly. While these instances could suggest that Fallout 76 will come to Valve's service in time, Bethesda never indicated that this would happen.

Still, it's a controversial decision, as the previous Fallout games have launched on Steam and maintain a huge fan base on the Valve-operated platform. Publishers often avoid established platforms, like Epic Games recently did with the Android version of Fortnite, because they don't want to participate in revenue sharing programs.

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In a post on the Fallout 76 general discussion forum, community administrator Jurassica said: "Popping in to say that it's been very fun seeing everyone's discussion on Fallout 76 and what your hopes and thoughts are about the game". But considering that seemingly every major release has been delayed this year, we'll believe it when we see it.