Blizzard Has ‘Multiple Diablo Projects’ in the Works


We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Diablo III's launch was pretty disastrous, what with the bad issues, terrible difficulty scaling, poor drop rates, and the terrifying Real Money Auction House.

Alexa 'Answer Update' Feature Will Get Back to You Later
Despite the sale of 50 million Alexa-abled devices, merely 2% of the buyers have made purchases with their own voices in 2018. Spotted by Voicebox , the feature has started showing up on some Alexa-enabled devices in the US.

Diablo fans are among the longest suffering subgroups of Blizzard aficionados, but the end is in sight - the studio says we're going to see more Diablo "later this year". Trust me when I say the team here is now crossing all crossable appendages regarding that potential tidbit of news. We've known for quite some time that Blizzard has been hiring for a mysterious Diablo-related project. For those of you still rocking your heroes in Reaper of Souls, you might have noticed we did something a little bit different for Season 14: Themed Seasons. Camel said in the video below. And we have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Camel admits that some are going to take longer than others, but that there might be some news to share "later this year". Given the push to mobile gaming in recent years, there might also be a mobile version of the original Diablo or Diablo II in the works.

Google's Pixel 3 XL Leaks in All Its Glory
Google has put a front facing speaker in there in addition to the camera, giving it a look that stands out for better or worse. Second, the notch takes up so much horizontal space that there's only room for three notification icons in the status bar.

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More support announced for farming families affected by drought
Turnbull also paid tribute to farmers for their resilience. "Some farmers are in absolutely diabolical situations", he said. Several fundraising campaigns have sprung up around the country to try and help farmers buy food for their livestock.