Suspected Russian spy worked at US embassy in Moscow for decade


The US state Department during the inspection stated suspicions against the Russian, which for 10 years had secretly met with the FSB.

In a statement last night, the US Secret Service, said the woman would not have been able to obtain national security information.

The discovery of a suspected FSB mole on its staff within the USA embassy in Moscow would be hugely damaging to its reputation and could have severe consequences for the safety of other Secret Service staff and those it is mandated to protect.

According to the Guardian newspaper account, the woman had worked at the Embassy for more than a decade and had access to the intranet and email systems of the Secret Service, as well as its counterfeit-money tracking operations. Now the Secret Service is being accused of trying to cover up this incident rather than making an honest attempt at solving the problem.

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The Guardian meanwhile reported the Secret Service attempted to contain the embarrassment by letting her go when Russian Federation ordered the removal of 750 personnel from the American embassy during a diplomatic spat that followed allegations of Moscow's interference in the 2016 us presidential election.

Butina is accused of infiltrating a pro-gun rights organization in the the behest of a high-powered Russian official, as part of a mission to influence US foreign policy towards Russia.

The Secret Service "recognizes that all Foreign Service Nationals (FSN) who provide services in furtherance of our mission, administrative or otherwise, can be subjected to foreign intelligence influence", the statement said.

"This is of particular emphasis in Russian Federation".

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The State Department refused to provide comment on the "personnel matters" adding that if it finds out that an employee has been in breach of security guidelines, it takes "appropriate action in appropriate time". As such, all foreign service nationals are managed accordingly to ensure that Secret Service and United States government interests are protected at all times.

The probe found she was having regular unauthorised meetings with the main Russian intelligence agency, the FSB.

All non-American workers are vetted and employed by the State Department before being assigned work by different agencies. As a result, the duties are limited to translation, interpretation, cultural guidance, liaison and administrative support.

The Russian was suspected of espionage division staff of the USA state Department, which handles security at US diplomatic missions.

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