Look up for the Perseid meteor shower this weekend


Attention stargazers: the most popular meteor shower of the year will happen this weekend.

These ideal conditions for watching will coincide with the peak time for meteor shower viewings, when Earth passes through the richest display of showers on Sunday night at 9 p.m.

The stars are aligning for anyone interested in watching the Perseid meteor shower this weekend.

The Perseid meteors are so named because they look like they're radiating from the constellation Perseus.

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But in order to enjoy the sight of "shooting stars", clear skies are necessary.

According to the Sun, the cosmic event, nicknamed the "fiery tears of Saint Lawrence", occurs when the Earth moves through the trail of debris left by the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

One of the year's most active meteor showers, the Perseids, will peak overnight Saturday into Sunday and Sunday into Monday, with 60 to 70 meteors per hour. The Slooh.com webcast, which you can also follow here at the Slooh website, will offer live commentary and views of the annual meteor shower. Those tiny bits of debris, traveling at around 132,000 miles per hour, create vivid streaks of light when they collide with Earth's atmosphere.

You'll need to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. The meteors, it's said, rain like sparks from his blade.

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Unfortunately, it's expected to be mostly cloudy for most of us at that time. Speaking from experience, I used to watch the show as a kid living a mile from New York's JFK airport, and I generally saw a handful of meteors from my backyard with all the house lights turned off.

The key to seeing a meteor is to take in as much sky as possible.

As long as it's a clear night, the meteors will be visible to the naked eye. Your best bet is to find a place where there are no obstructions to your view of the horizon.

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