Pence calls space 'next battlefield' while detailing Space Force


In concurrence with Pence's speech, the Pentagon laid out its plans to form the new branch of the USA military in a 15-page report, identifying immediate steps of action.

"Today, other nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based systems and challenge our supremacy as never before", Pence said as he announced the creation of the Space Force as the sixth branch of the us military.

The report also calls for the creation of "a Space Operations Force of career space experts who are trained, promoted and retained as space warfighting professionals" to include engineers, scientists, intelligence experts, operators and strategists. "Space is an environment that we're supposed to work together peacefully in". "Until we have those same needs in space, the Air Force and the other services are doing all the things we need to do".

Vice-President Mike Pence told a Pentagon audience that the plan fulfills President Donald Trump's vow to ensure America's dominance in space - a domain that was once peaceful and uncontested that has now become crowded and adversarial.

These new organizations are part of a broad move to restructure the way the US military manages its space operations and technologies.

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Deborah James, who served as Air Force secretary for the final three years of the Obama administration, estimated it would be five to 10 years before a separate service would be fully formed.

These announcements are part of Washington's drive to intensify space exploration.

He said the countries "have been conducting highly sophisticated on-orbit activities that could enable them to manoeuvre their satellites into close proximity of ours, posing unprecedented new dangers to our space systems".

Trump's critics outside the Republican party, however, took a less romanticized view of the idea of a space force, saying it could divert resources from areas like health care-or even flat out calling it a "dumb idea". "The Space Force will accelerate and unify the Department's space efforts and enable the delivery of next-generation space capabilities faster than potential adversaries can evolve", the Pentagon says in its report.

The U.S. Air Force is now responsible for defending American satellites and spacecraft.

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Each of the logos features the words "Space Force".

Space warfare capabilities are now overseen by the US Air Force.

Joan Johnson-Freese, a space security expert at the Naval War College, told Brumfiel that she doesn't think a Space Force is now necessary.

The Space Command would prepare for conflicts in space and would be led by a four-star general.

Mattis once voiced opposition to creating a new branch of the USA military to focus on space-based military assets, saying in a 2017 letter to a lawmaker that would likely "present a narrower and even parochial approach to space operations".

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And, for what it's worth, Russian and China do each have a space force of their own, to some degree. Funding would have to be appropriated by Congress, something that the defense secretary, Jim Mattis, opposed when it was previously proposed, but he now says he supports the new force.