4,200 Free Marijuana Joints Will Be Distributed In DC On Inauguration Day – Here’s Why!

The DC Cannabis Coalition has announced it will be handing out 4,200 marijuana joints for free on January 20, 2017 as part of an effort to protest against anti-marijuana legislation.

According to the coalition’s website, protestors will hand the joints out while marching down to the National Mall.

“At 4 minutes and 20 seconds into President Trump’s speech we’ll light up,” continues the statement. “Unless President Trump comes out now in support of full cannabis legalization in all 50 states and DC!”

“The main message is it’s time to legalize cannabis at the federal level,” said Adam Eidinger, founder of the coalition to WUSA 9.

Eidinger is reportedly worried that progress made throughout the nation regarding marijuana laws will be reversed by the Trump Administration – particularly Jeff Sessions.

“We are looking at a guy who as recently as April said that they are going to enforce federal law on marijuana all over the country,” said Eidinger. “He said marijuana is dangerous.”

An image from the coalition's webpage promoting the event.

An image from the coalition’s webpage promoting the event.

Nonetheless, Eidinger insists the giveaway is not an anti-Trump event nor an attempt to disrupt the inauguration ceremony.

Because the marijuana giveaway is taking place in DC, it is totally legal – right up to the part where protesters will be ‘lighting up.’

Although marijuana is legal in DC, consuming it publicly remains illegal.

“I think it’s a good protest,” said Eidinger according to Consumerist. “If someone wants to do it, they are risking arrest, but it’s a protest and you know what, the National Mall is a place for protest.