Boy With Special Needs Keeps Getting Rejected For Prom, Then Sees A Girl Holding Up A Sign


When it comes to the most memorable events of a teenagers life, the school dances rank up there at the top. If you remember your days back in high school and middle school, can you recall how important those dancers were to you? Perhaps, you were among the minority who didn’t care, but the majority of students invest everything into those dances. They’re a sign of popularity and acceptance.

Besides prom, the homecoming dance is the most important dance of a high schoolers career. Students get a date, get dressed up, buy either a corsage or a boutonnière for their partner, and have a great time dancing with friends.

But what about those students who thought that their chances of getting a date to the dance were next to none? Daniel, a high school student, really wanted to go to his school’s homecoming dance, but feared he would never be one of the lucky ones to have a date. His reason? Daniel has Down syndrome.
When a stranger appeared as his door, Daniel’s expectations were changed forever…

Like most teenagers, Daniel wanted to experience the dance. He even got the courage to ask out several dates – they all turned him down for being “different.”

Daniel has been forced to deal with the stigma that comes with Down syndrome. And his mother was destroyed by how terribly his peers treated Daniel.

On the night of homecoming, Daniel was alone. Until an unsuspecting stranger decided to surprise him.

A young, pretty girl shows up and decides to make Daniel’s dream of attending the dance come true. Kylie, a 10th grader, offered the 17-year-old boy a sweet proposal and Daniel was over the moon with excitement.

I don’t think of kids that have a disabile disabilities as being different,” Kylie Fronius said. “ I think of them as being a normal person learning in a different way.”

While Daniel was excited about the kindness of strangers, you have to see how Daniel’s mom, Tonya Rivas, reacts at the 55-second mark in the video. She is floored that her beloved son has found someone right for him for the school dance.

“I’m just touched, my heart is happy,” Tonya said to the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Because it is going to be a special night for Daniel and Kylie, the news team surprises them with a luxurious limousine to take them to the school dance.

“You’ll be arriving in a Rolls Royce to your homecoming,” the anchor says.

Everyone is beyond excited. But the Tonya admits the truth she has been denying herself all of Daniel’s life.

It’s not about that Daniel has a disability. It’s that Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is like, what your heart wants,” Tonya admits before breaking down in tears.

You can watch the remaining video to see how Daniel reacts as he gets to ride the Rolls Royce to Aliante Casino, where they give Daniel everything he wants to dinner.

After high school, Daniel wants to go to college and become a chef.

Watch the video below to see everything else!

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