Christina Is Asked to Sing Like Cher, Her Impression Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Comedian Jimmy Fallon loves to make his celebrity guests partake in the hilarious “Wheel of Musical Impressions” segment of The Tonight Show. It’s a fun game where a random singer is paired up with a random song title. Jimmy’s guest goes head to head with him to see who is better at doing a successful impression of the artist singing that song. The combinations that the “wheel” comes up with are pretty wild, and it almost always has everyone in stitches.

Some guests can do some pretty amazing impressions, and pop star Christina Aguilera is definitely one of them. She totally shined on the latest incarnation of the Wheel of Musical Impressions. First up? Cher! But, you won’t believe what song Christina/Cher has to sing. It’s not even a real song, ha ha! But, most of us will still recognize it, especially with Christina/Cher at the helm. The only thing missing is Cher’s curly black wig.

Next up for Christina is an impression of Britney Spears singing “This Little Piggy.” Oh boy! Now, Christina and Britney go way back to the good old days of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, but they haven’t exactly been best friends since. Do you think Christina will play nice? Watch the video below to find out! You won’t believe how good – both literally and figuratively – Christina is. Wow!