Confused Toddler Realizes Daddy Is On The Phone, How She Responds Has Mom Beside Herself


Everyone knows that babies are sponges and  pick up everything around them. And when it comes to languages, they’re able to pick up more than we know. And that doesn’t just include verbal languages. But body language and computer language as well.

But now a video has been published which shows that a little girl has mastered everything her mom has taught her about talking on a cellphone. In the short clip, the toddler is seen holding a cellphone to her ear as she babbles away just like her mom. But it isn’t just the baby talk that has everyone watching, it is also the baby’s wild hand gestures, her brilliant facial expressions, and the fact that we know she picked this all up from mom herself.

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While seated on the sofa, the toddler answers the phone. Then she starts spitting out babble as she imitates her mother when she is on the phone. But this baby has picked up so much more than just the words mom uses while talking to her friends and family. This toddler has picked up the facial expressions and body language to match!

The baby flips her hand back and forth, waving it all around, just like an older woman would do.

The baby shrugs, frowns, and wrinkles her brow after apparently hearing very bad news. Then she makes herself more comfortable and leans onto the arm of the couch and rests on her elbow.

While it is amazing to watch this little one gets so animated, it is absolutely stunning that she has picked up on so many tones. You can tell that she is agitated and annoyed at certain parts and jubilant at others. To think that this toddler has picked up that much information during her short time on the planet so far is truly amazing.

Off camera, a man is heard laughing as the adorable tot continues to chat. She stops only to press numbers and apparently dial up all of her baby friends.

“Future Italian Grandmother,” joked one user named wildebeest.

Another who goes by Sterg1n said that in their experience, this type of behavior is quite common: “I used to work at a daycare and …every little girl would want to play with the toy phones to do exactly this.”

“It’s amazing that a child of this age is so adept at mimicking her mothers mannerisms. Hopefully, parents will be more mindful of the stuff they do in front of their kids after seeing this video,” added bigmikesbeingnice thoughtfully.

Viewers have tuned in by the thousands to watch this baby chat away on the cellphone. Here’s some of the more popular responses:

“Hello, Police? This is Maria Filiponi. I’m just calling to see if you got that gravy I dropped off for the policemen’s spaghetti dinner? Oh you did? Wonderful. Oh, and I appreciate you keeping an eye out for me while I take my walk to the gun range. Oh, you say my grandson Dominic is being let go from jail today? Oh, that’s good news…”

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