Dad tells 15-month-old what to do, but she defends herself in hilarious fashion


Lola may only be 15-months-old, but she already feels like she is old enough to make her own decisions. She does not like how Dad is telling her what to do, and she makes sure that her voice is heard. Dad and her argue back and forth in this precious standoff, and the result has Mom bursting out in laughter.

In the adorable video, Lola stands on top of a television table (because she can!). Dad then yells at her and tells her that she needs to get off the table. However, Lola is not going to go down without putting up a fight. Although we can not understand what she’s saying, you can tell how passionate she is and how she firmly believe she has the right to stand on top of the table. The two then go back and forth with Dad yelling and Lola responding with her own loud voice.

Finally, Lola runs out of reasons to defend herself with, and Dad lifts her off the table. It’s a precious moment that I am sure the family will never forget.

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