He Spots Strange Object Along Riverbank On His Property, Leads To History Writing Find [video]


Maybe you have a big landscaping project planned. Or your kids are just out in your back yard exploring. Something miraculous or big could be found. Perhaps, you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a collection of gold coins worth millions or find a piece of whale vomit that you can sell for about ten thousand dollars. Or maybe you just find something strange in your backyard that makes you question whether humans are alone in the universe or not…

Below we will discuss the top 6 strangest things people dug out of the ground behind their homes. It’ll be shocking, strange, and totally worth your time. Check out this peculiar list right now!

1) Glyptodon Shell

While busy in his Argentinian farm, Jose Antonio Nievas found something strange in a small cave along the riverbank. It was a round, stone-like object that seemed to be out of this world. Once realizing it weighed two tons, they couldn’t move it, but estimated that it was at least seven thousand years old. It was later confirmed to be a shell of a glyptodon, a giant armored land mammal as big as a VW Beatle.

2) Human Remains

While digging in his backyard, a Salt Lake City, Utah homeowner found human bones while digging in his backyard. The bones were found to be about 1,000-years old and not a recent murder.

3) Fallout Shelter

During the Cold War, the threat of a nuclear winter was real. But when the Otcaseks bought a California house in 2013, they got more than what was advertised. There was a fully stocked bunker equipped with reading material to last a lifetime.

4) Marijuana

Mack Reed wanted to install solar panels at his Los Angeles, California property. But he found a vault buried under his yard. The locksmith opened it only to find a stash of marijuana.

5) Ferrari

While digging for treasure in their Los Angeles backyard, two kids struck metal in 1978. With a dig crew, they discovered the boys had found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari.

6) World War II Bomb

A new property development in Orlando, Florida hit a snag when a World War II bomb was found on the 12,000 acres of land destined to become hundreds of homes. The first bomb was found in 1998 near the new middle school. But it was not alone. Eventually 126 bombs were unearthed as it used to be a World War II bombing field.

In the video below, you’ll get a closer look at these strange backyard objects. Plus, here are what some of the millions of viewers had to say about these amazing finds:

“I wouldn’t dare call the cops- over that bomb …marijuana found. I’d be paranoid if the owners try to come back n collect it LOL. these [people] are FOOLS!”

“I found a creepy statue underground in my backyard whilst i was digging to make a pool it was a Illuminati statue with some green gems on it”

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