Homeless People Flock To Her Parking Lot, So Restaurant Owner Takes Immediate Action


If you’re looking for authentic tacos in Dallas, Texas, one of the best places to go is Emilia Flores’s Taco Stop. She uses recipes from the old country to flavor his popular dishes and delight the masses. But like any taco restaurant, sometimes weird things happen. Over the years, Flores has seen many strange things unfold in her parking lot.

But when she got back from a trip to Mexico recently, she saw that homeless people had started gathering outside her restaurant. This was a problem – homeless people are bad for business. But then she remembered something she saw in Mexico and did the same thing right outside her taco shop. Now Dallas can’t stop talking about it…

Flores’s fast-food taco stand is known for serving up hot, quick dishes that people devour in minutes. But now she has a new idea. Because the crowd gathering around her place doesn’t necessarily want carnitas or even tacos, she found a better way to meet their needs.
Like any great entrepreneur, Emilia Flores saw an opportunity and she set out to fill that need. But instead of trying to profit off the poor people in Dallas, she isn’t even charging for her services – so then how is she having so much success?

If you want to see the answer, you need to learn about Emilia Flores’s backstory. While her taco recipes are as old as her family, she has not always been in the restaurant industry. Before opening her taco stand, Flores spent 20 years as a professional psychologist. She met with people of all walks of life – and if she is good at anything, it is understanding people.

She knows that sometimes people are too embarrassed to ask for what they need.

But her “no questions asked” policy solves that problem. And her new addition to the side of her restaurant is making a different in the lives of the homeless people on the Dallas streets.

So what did Emilia Flores build alongside her taco shop? A coat rack to provide an extra layer of warmth to homeless people. But not only that, it gives the fortunate among us a chance to spread generosity.

Above the rack of coats, Flores put up a sign that reads:
“Are you cold? Take one.
Do you want to help? Leave one.”

Because she opened up the opportunity, people are flocking to her small restaurant with bags of coats to give to the homeless.

With a simple sign and a rack along the restaurant, Flores is helping people stay warm in the hold temperatures. And what’s greatest of all, those who have extra can give to those in need – and know that they’re improving the lives of people on the streets.

Watch the video report below to see exactly how big an impact the coat rack outside Taco Stop is making. She is doing good things for people in need.

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