Ice cream truck stops in neighborhood. Now watch pit bull patiently wait in line to order


Ice cream has this eccentric effect on us. When we were young, we’d go running outside whenever we hear the sound of an incoming ice cream truck. And whether you believe it or not, it also has the same effect on animals. This pit bull featured below is proof.

Pit Bull Waits in Line for Ice Cream

When an ice cream truck stopped near her home to sell such delightful treats to residents, this pit bull became as excited as a little child. She sprinted out her home and patiently waited right outside the truck. As soon as her owner arrived with some cash, she joined the line and waited for her turn to purchase a frozen treat.

Pit Bull Waits in Line for Ice Cream - 2

And then, she was up. After her owner paid for the ice cream, she had the most beautiful reaction. Well, we can’t blame her for acting that way. After all, she’s just a little girl who craves ice cream.

Pit Bull Waits in Line for Ice Cream - 3

Watch the video below and feel your heart warm in the process.

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