New Video Claims Many Of America’s Problems Can Be Fixed If More People Believed In God


A new video which promotes a religious message has been seen by thousands on social media. Its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down with the current political climate what it is today.

The video below contains clips that reference how American has changed from the time the founding fathers established the constitution and based the morals and values of the country solely on God. The producer of the video shares some interesting facts about how much has changed over the years. “Out of the 55 men who formed the constitution, 52 were active members of their church,” the producer said, implying that God is needed to make a peaceful America again.
Founding father, Noah Webster, was responsible for writing the first dictionary and could literally quote the bible, chapter and verse, which is allegedly not a coincidence, according to the producer.

“We’ve staked our future and the ability to follow the ten commandments with all our heart,” was a statement made by James Madison, who was one of the founding fathers who believed that you couldn’t even call yourself an American if you subvert the word of God.

“You can’t have national morality apart from religious principal,” was one of the claims that George Washington made in his farewell address, which evidently proves to be true according to the world today, as there are 150,000 kids carrying guns to public schools which have become war zones. The producer also goes on to share that the big issue in schools in the 40s and 50s involved chewing gum and talking, drastically different from today’s school issues. In the nineties, rape and murder became a big trend. Again, a far cry from the minimal crime back in the earlier part of the century.

“The philosophy in the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next generation.” These were the words of Abe Lincoln, who believed that the word of God should be apparent in the classroom as well as throughout politics. When you eliminate God, you eliminate the nation that that word protects.

America is ranked as number one in the following:

-teen pregnancy

-drug use




Amidst the facts that the singer vents about, there is a chorus singing “We want God in America again.”

The singer believes that the world is currently in the hands of satan, as people aren’t following God and praying in the way they should be. Astrology and horoscopes are not the answer and they won’t save you, as the Bibles states that these things are all fake.

The singer goes on to say that instead of handing out condoms to children in schools, teachers should be educating them on the word of God. And again the chorus breaks out into the song…”The only hope for America is Jesus.”

While the comments were blocked from the video, we can assume that there was a lot of support as well as a lot of backlash for the message, all of which most likely comes down to the commenters political point of view.