Rescuers Spot Dog In Desperate Need Of Help, Then They Spot Who’s Been Protecting Her

Most towns and cities have an area that is known for leaving behind unwanted goods. These areas are typically found outside of major cities or in concealed, wooded areas of smaller towns. Instead of getting someone to pick up their trash, people have been known to leave behind their old couches, mattresses, and household goods.

A wooded area near Dowdy’s Ferry outside of Dallas, Texas is well known for its constant influx of these types of items. The area, which is 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, is very different from the city and it is dead set in the middle of a wooded area.

But, household items aren’t the only thing that is left behind in the well-known drop off location. People have been known to leave behind abandoned animals. It is for this reason that an animal rescue organization known as, The Underdog Project, spends a lot of time scouting out the area, always ready to take in an innocent animal that was left behind.

One of the rescue workers, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, was known for scouting the area quite frequently, on a mission to rescue pups in need. One pup, who was later named, Benny, is lucky that Ysuhuaylas is so dedicated to her job because she found the two-year-old Sharpei mix when he was in rough shape.

When she first approached Benny, she didn’t think his situation was that rare, considering he looked just like the rest of the abandoned dogs, skittish and huddled in a box. But upon further investigation, Ysuhuaylas learned that Benny was severely injured. Not only had the poor pup been abandoned, but he also had a severe cut on his leg and his head was swollen. Because he had been stranded in the cold for so long, his injuries had progressed more rapidly.
Unlike other pups who get rescued, Benny didn’t fight Ysuhuaylas when she put the collar and leash on him, as he didn’t have much fight left in him. His injury was so severe that he was unable to walk to the car on his own, so she swaddled him in a blanket and carried him to her car. It was at this point that Ysuhuaylas noticed someone else lurking nearby. A one-year-old chocolate lab was just feet away, with his eyes set on Benny. It was as if the lab had been watching over Benny the entire time like she was his real-life guardian angel. Ysuhuaylas felt the need to come back to rescue the lab who she named “Betty,” but first she had to get Benny the medical attention that he needed.

Unfortunately, Benny’s laceration had gone unattended for so long that it had become severely infected which caused a bone infection. While vets went to work on treating Benny, rescue workers went back to the site to retrieve Betty, who soon became known as Benny’s guardian angel.

The only thing left to do was find both Benny and Betty loving homes. Rescuers at The Underdog Project recruited the help of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, which is known for taking in dogs who have been severely abandoned. They agreed to take on the two cases, and while it was a rough road to Benny’s recovery and the organization required major financial assistance to cover the cost of his overnight stay at the emergency room and his ongoing pain medications, they refused to leave the dogs behind. Once both dogs are able to travel, they will take them to New York to start the process of finding them loving homes.