Vet Pulls Something Out Of A Kitten’s Nose That Makes Everyone In The Room Scream

Being a pet owner is really rewarding, but it’s also a lot of hard work. When you adopt a pet, you agree to be there for it no matter how, and sometimes with animals accidents and sickness happen when you least expect it.

When the Nebraska-based owners of this poor kitten noticed it developed a terribly swollen nose, they were concerned for their pet’s well-being. So they did what every good pet owner does: they took her straight to the vet for treatment.

Their veterinarian Dr. Farrington performed a quick examination and delivered shocking news to the kitten’s adoptive family. What she found in the kitten’s nose made all of their jaws drop.

This poor little kitten’s nose was swelling at a massive rate. She could barely keep her head up. Her owners knew that something was wrong so they rushed her to their veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Farrington. It didn’t take her very long at all to discover what was wrong with their kitten. 

Dr. Farrington knew that they had to act quickly if they wanted to save the kitten’s life. Unfortunately, when a kitten is this age and still so small, it can be dangerous (even deadly) to put them under with sedation drugs. So Dr. Farrington did her best to soothe the desperate kitty. 

They didn’t have a lot time to work. The kitten was wrapped up in a blanket for her safety and for the safety of the rest of the medical team. Dr. Farrington had an idea of what she would find when she excavated the kitten’s nose, but she had no idea just how intense the experience would be for everyone involved.