VIDEO: A Texas Store Owner’s Son Kills Violent Armed Assailant And Saves His Sister’s Life

When will criminals realize that you don’t mess with Texas? They won’t find defenseless targets to prey upon who are burdened under heavy gun-control laws like the civilians in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago. In Texas, citizens are armed, and they will not hesitate to protect the people they love.

Usman Seth, 20, demonstrated this lesson when a man threatened to kill his family during a robbery at Seth’s family’s convenience store.

Seth was working at the convenient store on Scranton Street, in Houston when, around 10:30 p.m., a man entered the store wielding a shotgun. The man then threatened Seth’s sister, who was working behind the counter, as he pointed his weapon at her.

Usman Seth’s father just happen to have a firearm, and quickly passed the weapon to his son. Seth told the local media,

“I told him, ‘Drop your gun, I won’t do nothing to you. He was not listening.”

That’s when the two exchanged fire, and the robber lost his life. Though he was shaken up about the events of that evening, Usman believes that he had done the right thing to protect his family.

This is not the first time that a gun was used by a civilian in self defense. A mother in Trotwood, Ohio protected her four children against three burglars who kicked in her door early in the morning. The unidentified woman was guarded by one of the intruders while the other two attempted to haul a safe from the house.

Grabbing a gun that she had stashed in her house, the mother opened fire on the three home invaders, even killing one of them as they made their escape.

While Leftist elitist politicians, who are protected by an armies of gun wielding security agencies, are using demanding gun control to limit the availability of guns for law-abiding citizens, people like Usman Seth and the woman in Trotwood are demonstrating that guns are not always bad, and sometimes, they can even save lives.

Source: US Herald

Source: Houston Chronicle